Refreshing Your Signage Makes Sense!

Refreshing or even rebranding your signage will help you to drive more sales!

There are many reasons why refreshing your signage just makes sense! 

People who see your signage regularly and over a long period of time can actually become “blind” to it. Even a small refresh, such as new colours, updated logo etc. can make people take notice again and attract new customers to your brand!

Signage technology has also come a long way in the past few years especially in terms of sustainability, many LED modules now come with a 10 year guarantee, meaning if you have an illuminated sign, there will be less maintenance and repairs required and they are energy saving i.e. saving you money! 

There are also new materials and many new ways of presenting signage that could represent your company better than your current look. 

For example choosing a flex face illuminated graphic system rather than a standard fascia sign could be what makes a customer choose your company over a competitor! Fresh exciting and professional signage will drive more sales! 

Ultimately a refresh, big or small, will help expand the reach of your business, attract new customers and keep you ahead of the competition, by making your company stand out from the rest! 

There are also times when a full rebrand is the best way forward, for example if you are trying to attract a different demographic, the company is under new management, you are offering additional services or products or even just that you feel the business is evolving and it is time for a complete change!

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